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The passport renewal application can be submitted no earlier than six months from the expiry date indicated in the document

To apply for a passport, both for adults and for minors, it is necessary to book an appointment online with the Online Booking System.


Payment can only be made in cash. The cost of the booklet and an administrative fee valid for the entire duration of the passport varies according to the exchange rate at the time of issue and is currently around 1,000 HKD. We do not accept 1,000 HKD banknotes.

The annual fee has been abolished since July 2014.

The timing and procedures for issuing a new passport depend on the individual circumstances of the applicant. It should be noted that, in the event of out-of-date marital status or personal data discrepancies, these must be updated before the new passport is issued, therefore a longer time for the procedure may be necessary.

When the new passport is collected, the old passbook will be simultaneously canceled and returned to the Italian national. Please be reminded that it is not possible to collect a new passport without presenting the old booklet on the day of collection.

Please note that this office does not cancel visas on old passports. Generally speaking, these can still be used by traveling with both booklets. However, for your peace of mind, before embarking on a trip, please check the validity of the visa with the competent Authorities of the destination country.
As for HK visas, you can travel with two booklets or you can request the Immigration Department for an endorsement on the new booklet. Visas for China continue to be valid when traveling with both passports.


Passport for adults

The day of the appointment the applicant must come to the Consulate General in person with the following documents:
1. A valid Italian passport;
2. Photocopy of pages 2, 3, 4, 5 of the passport;
3. Two 3.5×4 cm photos (frontal view with white background);
4. Passport application form for adults;

Applicants who are parents of minor children are hereby informed that, as of 14 June 2023, it is no longer necessary to provide the written consent signed by the other parent for the issuance of their identity document (passport and CIE), pursuant to C.L. 69/2023.
The amended Article 3-bis of Law no. 1185/1967 indicates specifically that, should there be a concrete and current risk that the parent may evade the fulfilment of his/her obligations towards his/her children due to relocation, it will be possible for the other parent to apply for an injunction against the issuance of the document.
The application may be submitted to the competent judge at the ordinary court where the child has his or her habitual residence or, if the child is resident abroad, the court in whose district his or her AIRE registration municipality is located.
For the purposes of issuing documents for minors, on the other hand, the obligation to provide the written consent form signed by both parents or by the person exercising parental responsibility remains unaltered.

All forms are available on the Forms page


Passport for minors

On the day of the appointment, you must come to the Consulate General in person with the minor (we must see the minor to certify the photo and, for those who are 12 years old or older, take their fingerprints) and the following documentation:

1. A valid passport of both the minor’s and the parents’;
2. Photocopy of pages 2, 3, 4, 5 of the child’s and parents’ passport;
3. Two 3.5×4 cm photos (frontal view and white background) of the minor;
4. Passport application form for minors, completed and signed by the parents at the Consulate. If one of the parents cannot appear in person and is a EU citizen, they can simply send the consent form by email, with a copy of their passport including the signature page, to; Non-EU parents, on the other hand, must come to the Consulate General in person so that their signature on the consent form may be certified.

On page 5 of new electronic passports issued to minors, at the request of the parents, the Consulate General can add their names so that the minor can travel with one or both of them.

If the parents’ names are not present, on request, the Consulate General can add them manually, to avoid any kind of problems at the border.
Alternatively, parents (or the parent leaving alone with the child) may travel with the child’s birth certificate.

IF YOU WISH TO LODGE AN APPLICATION FOR YOUR CHILD’S FIRST PASSPORT, please be informed that you must first request the registration of the child’s birth certificate (see section Vital Records).

Accompanying declaration for children under 14

On 4 June 2014 new regulations aimed at ensuring greater protection for minors came into force requiring that an accompanying declaration be signed should the minor be under 14 years of age and travel alone with a third party.
This declaration may be valid for one or more journeys from the country of residence of the minor for a maximum period of six months. Parents or tutors may indicate a maximum of two people who will be responsible for the minor during this specified period of time.
Parents can apply for this declaration at the counter by bringing the application form together with a copy of the travel ticket, of the passports of the accompanying person/s’, the minor’s and the parents’. In the event that one of the two parents is unable to come in person, if they are EU citizens, they may send a copy of the passport, including the signature page, via e-mail to Non-EU citizens need to apply in person.


This Consulate General is not competent for information on USA visa regulations, which change continuously due to security reasons.
Italian nationals who wish to travel to the United States should contact the US Consulate General in Hong Kong or consult the US State Department website on the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

In general, to travel to the United States, Italian nationals need an electronic passport valid for all countries recognized by the Italian Government, as well as the advance authorization to travel to the USA to be obtained online called Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

For more information on passports, please see the dedicated page on the institutional website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs