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Register of Italians living abroad (A.I.R.E.)

Please click here for general information about the Register of Italians living abroad (A.I.R.E.).


HOW TO REGISTER IN A.I.R.E. (Register of Italian Citizens Resident Abroad)

If you arrived in Hong Kong or Macao from Italy, please register using the online system FAST IT and attach the following documents:

  1. Italian passport for all family members (page 2, 3, 4, 5);
  2. HK Visa on passport;Hong Kong ID Card;
  3. Proof of residence in the consular jurisdiction: utility bill or rental contract (bank statements are not accepted);
  4. Copy of foreign passport (if any).

In order to complete the registration, the Consulate will verify the information given and notify the competent Municipality (last residence in Italy or where the birth certificate is registered should the person have never lived in Italy).

If you arrive in Hong Kong or Macao from a different Country or Consular District where you were already registered in AIRE, you first need to cancel your FAST.IT account with the previous Consulate. Only after that, you will be able to create a new account on our FAST.IT portal and proceed with your AIRE registration.

For further details, please watch the tutorial at the following link:


Every change of address within Hong Kong and Macao must be promptly communicated to the Consulate using the FAST IT portal. Please add proof of your new residence (utility bill or lease contract).

For further details, please watch the tutorial at the following link:


Italian citizens who relocate to a different Country/different consular district must update their records (change of consular district) by using the website FAST.IT.

Italian citizens registered in AIRE (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad) who return to Italy must declare their new residential address to the competent Municipality as soon as possible after repatriation.

If you are about to return to Italy, please fill in and send the repatriation form by e-mail to so that the Consulate can update its departure records in the database.

For your information, please note that, in compliance with current legislation, Consular Offices are only competent for updating the residential status of citizens arriving from a different consular district or from Italy, but not for repatriation.

Italian Municipalities are the only authorities competent for updating the residential address of Italians returning to Italy from overseas (AIRE cancellation and registration in the lists of the population resident in that Municipality). The new residential address will also be communicated by the Municipality to the Consular Office of origin, which will formally update its database.

If you have resided overseas for a minimum of 12 months (AIRE registration is a must), you can ship your household/personal goods in exemption of VAT and customs duty by applying for an exemption letter from the Consulate.

To do so, please book your appointment at the Consulate on the website Prenota online, come in person with the appropriate form and three copies of the packing list (in plain paper, please specify brand and value of the most expensive goods) of all personal items.

Italian citizens who fail to update their new residential address with the competent Italian Municipality will incur possible cancellation from the lists of the locally registered population with inevitable fiscal and administrative complications, including the issue of documents.

If you are a EU or non-EU citizen who has resided outside Italy for at least 12 months, you need to refer to the provisions set forth by the Italian Revenue Department with Circular Letter n. 22/D of 2004.

In order to move your personal belongings to Italy in exemption of VAT and import duty, the following documents must be provided directly to the Italian Customs Agency:

a) residence certificate issued by the Italian Municipality where you are relocating;

b) any other document deemed valid by the Import Customs Authority such as:

1. certificate issued by the Company where you have been employed before moving to Italy;

2. any other documents proving ownership of personal belongings before moving to Italy;

No declarations or certifications will be issued by this Consulate General of Italy.