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Dichiarazione di Valore

The Declaration of Value (D.V.) is an official document, written in Italian, which describes a qualification awarded to a specific person by an institution belonging to an educational system other than the Italian one.

The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong issues Declarations of Value exclusively for educational qualifications obtained in Hong Kong or Macao.

Foreign educational qualifications are not automatically recognised by all Italian universities. Please note that the Declaration of Value is an exclusively informative document, and therefore does NOT in itself constitute any form of recognition or equivalence of the foreign qualification, which must necessarily be assessed by the competent administrations. For a detailed explanation of the forms of recognition of foreign qualifications currently in force, please refer to the CIMEA website.


In order to obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore (Declaration of Value), the student should bring to the Consulate General of Italy the following documents:

  1. certified true copy of the certificate obtained in Macao/Hong Kong, duly apostilled and translated into Italian (see further instructions below *)
  2. certified true copy of the exam transcript
  3. copy of the passport
  4. letter of request of the Declaration of Value addressed to the Consulate General of Italy, specifying the reason why you ask for it (on plain paper, signed by the student) and indicating all the details (identity document, address, phone, email)
  5. authorization to ask information about you to your university. The letter must be addressed to the University where the certificate of studies was obtained, indicating that the Consulate General of Italy will require some information about the studies and that the student authorizes the University to release them. Indicate the email address and reference person of the University office where the letter shall be sent and sign the letter. This original letter must be handed to the Consulate.
  6. application form for a Declaration of Value

The Declaration of Value requires about 6-8 weeks to be issued.

* How to obtain a certified and apostilled copy of your certificate:

    1. go to your university and ask for a certified true copy of your certificate
    2. bring the certified true copy to the Office of Oath (Home Affairs Department) to swear that the documents are true
    3. then get an Apostille from the Apostille office (High Court). The apostilled should be stuck on the certified copy of your certificate. (just one Apostille, on the back of the certificate of study is sufficient. No need to put an Apostille on each page).
    4. contact one of our external translators to have the certificate translated (see list of translators on our website). The translator will have to come to the Consulate to certify his/her translation.
    5. give us the translation and the apostilled document.

The certified true copy of your title of study and its translation will be attached to our declaration of value.

NOTE: When addressing the Consulate, students are kindly requested to identify themselves with their official name, that is to say the name which appears on their passports. Use an appropriate email and always use the same address to communicate with the Consulate.

NOTE 2: In case of doubts about the above procedure, students are kindly requested to come to the Consulate in person for clarifications. It will not be possible to answer to multiple emails.