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To enroll in a Italian University (from April 16th to July 10th 2015)

Consult the program catalogue of the University in which you would like to enroll and check the access methods for the degree program you are interested in. There are specific requirements to be fulfilled before pre-enrollment; the pre-enrollment must be necessarily done via the Italian Consulate.
Check the deadlines given in the calls for application of the degree programs.
Present your application for pre-enrollment (Model A) at the Italian Consulate of the country you live in.
When you have completed the pre-enrollment procedures, you will apply for an Entry visa for Italy for study purposes (STUDIO “Immatricolazione Università”).

Document you have to take to the Italian Consulate:
– original diploma of secondary school studies valid for access to First Cycle or Single Cycle degree program;
– the application for pre-enrollment (Form A) duly completed;
– any language competence certificates (for more details refer to the information concerning the possibility for exemption from – the Italian language test and exemption from the Italian language test and the quota);
– two passport photos.

You must request from the Italian Consulate:
– declaration of value of the final secondary school diploma;
– authentication of one of the two passport photos:
– the pre-enrollment to the University of your choice.

In order to obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore (Declaration of Value), you should bring to the Consulate the following:

1) certified true copy of the title you obtained in Macao/Hong Kong, duly apostilled and translated into Italian.
To this purpose:
a) go to your school/university and ask for a certified true copy of your diploma
b) bring the certified true copy to the office of oath to swear that the documents are true
c) get an Apostille from the Apostille office
d) contact one of our external translators to have the certificate translated (see list of translators on our website). The translator will have to come to the Consulate to certify his/her translation;
e) give us the translation and the apostilled document Please consider that we will have to attach the certified true copy of your title of study to our declaration.

2) certified true copy of your exam transcript;
3) copy of your passport:
4) letter of request of the Declaration of Value, specifying the reason why you ask for it;
5)authorization to ask information about you to your university (just write an email to your university cc, so that we know to whom we should write to ask information about you).

Note: the declaration of value can be issued only by the Italian Consulate of the country to which the school system issuing the qualification belongs. For example, the Declaration of Value of a certificate of an American school based in Hong Kong must be prepared by an Italian Consulate based in the USA.
All documents written in a foreign language must be accompanied by an official translation into Italian. Some Universities may wave the translation in Italian.