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26 Luglio 2016
Concorso Photo Contest – 我的意大利”摄影大赛

  组织机构 ORGANIZER“我的意大利”摄影大赛由意大利驻北京大使馆主办,并由意大利驻上海、广州、重庆和香港总领馆共同参加。“WodeYidali” Photo Contest has been organized by the Embassy of Italy in Beijing with the participation of the Consulates General of Italy in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hong Kong.   参赛资格 ELIGIBILITY 摄影比赛面向持有意大利驻华大使馆或者意大利驻上海、广州、重庆和香港总领事馆颁发的签证、并去过意大利的中国游客。The Photo Contest is open to all Chinese tourists who have been to Italy upon issuance of a visa by the […]

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