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Study in Italy

Applications for “Invest Your Talent in Italy” (IYT) program for the Academic Year 2024/2025 are now open. For more information, please click here.

Foreign students who wish to study in Italy can visit the website “Universitaly” for information on educational courses offered by Italian universities, Institutions of advanced artistic, musical and choreutic education (AFAM Institutions). The website, available in Italian and English, provides all the useful information for choosing the academic path and contains several sections that explain the higher education system, university enrollment procedures and useful tips on daily life and first academic and bureaucratic fulfilments.

The website joins the Italian Ministry of Education (MUR) website “Studiare in Italia” in which every year are published the procedures for entry, stay and enrollment of international students to higher education courses at Universities and AFAM Institutions and for the registration to the admission tests related to the programmed access degree courses. Within the website “Studiare in Italia” you can find a search engine periodically updated with the entire range of study courses offered by the Italian universities / AFAM Institutions.

Pre-Enrolment in Italian Universities for International Students:

On the websites “Universitaly” and “Studiare in Italia” international students can find instructions and the necessary forms for enrolment in Italian universities.

In order to enroll in an Italian University, students must access the UNIVERSITALY portal in order to fill in the pre-enrolment application online, according to the Italian Ministry of Education (MUR) regulations published on the website Studiare in Italia.

Please click here for the entire procedure for entry, residency and enrolment of international students and related recognition of qualifications for studying at higher institutions in Italy for the academic year 2023-2024 (Italian only)

All students who have successfully completed the pre-enrolment procedure on the Universitaly website and who have obtained the validation from the University/AFAM, can submit the Study Visa Application to the Consulate General of Italy by appointment. Please click here for the Checklist for Study Visa Application.

Please note that in addition to the requirements for the study visa, students must also submit the output (Riepilogo) of the pre-enrolment application generated by the platform Universitaly and validated by the chosen University/AFAM.


How to obtain a “Declaration of Value” from the Consulate General of Italy:

Detailed procedure to obtain a Declaration of Value

Form to request a Declaration of Value

Authorization Letter sample

List of external translators

For more information about Italian Universities:

Many courses are offered in English. For all the courses in Italian, the knowledge of the Italian language is compulsory and will be tested before being admitted to the University.



The Marco Polo and Turandot projects are designed to facilitate the enrolment of Chinese students in Italian universities and Art Institutions with courses taught in Italian. Before starting the chosen university program, students must successfully attend an Italian language course in Italy for at least eight months. Both projects have limited places available each year.

Chinese students interested in enrolling at Italian Universities/AFAM/SSML Institutions for the academic year 2024-2025 through the Marco Polo Turandot programme, must access the Universitaly portal in order to complete the relevant pre-enrolment application in telematic mode and choose the School where they wish to follow the Italian language course. The language course, which may also be given in telematic mode, must also include part of the time dedicated to Italian culture and/or sectorial languages.

For language courses lasting 10 months, the deadline for Chinese students to submit their applications is set at 26 August 2023, while for Italian language courses lasting 11 months, the deadline for Chinese students to submit their applications is brought forward to 29 July 2023.

For more information about Marco Polo and Turandot Programs, please check the website:

University Courses of Italian Languages for Foreigners



Form to request Consular certification to enroll in an Italian school (non-University)