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Social Media

Social media
If you want to stay informed about institutional news, the promotion of Made in Italy, tourism and Italian excellence, you can follow the Consulate’s official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

This Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong uses social media for institutional purposes to enhance transparency and inform the public of its activities: it informs, communicates, receives, and publishes content of an institutional nature.

The content published includes photographs, institutional videos, press releases, service information, news regarding the activities of this institution and opportunities for public involvement and engagement. Personal data are treated in accordance to the relevant legislation: for additional information please see here.

Through its social media channels, this institution may share and republish content and messages of public interest or service published by other users.

This Consulate General undertakes to manage spaces for communication and dialogue through its social media accounts and asks its users to comply with a few simple rules:

1. Please be respectful in expressing your opinion, make sure that your tone is fair and polite at all times.

2. In social media, everybody is held responsible for the contents published and the opinions expressed. Insults, obscene language, offences, threats and, more generally, violent or defamatory attitudes shall not be tolerated.

3. The contents published must always be respectful of people’s privacy. All reference to facts or details that have no public relevance and infringe upon other people’s personal spheres must be avoided.

4. It is imperative to have an interest in the matters and activities of this institution: it is in no way admissible to use its spaces for purposes other than exclusively institutional ones.

5. Every debate is linked to a specific theme: all participants are requested to stick to it and avoid broadening the debate generically and indiscriminately.

6. No form of advertising, spams, or the promotion of private interests and illegal activities is allowed.

7. No contents in violation of copyright laws or the unauthorized use of registered trademarks shall be allowed.

In any case, if the social media allows it, the Ministry’s staff shall remove all posts, comments, or audio/video materials that:

Express an inappropriate language and/or a menacing, violent, vulgar, or disrespectful tone; Express unlawful contents or incite to perform unlawful activities; Contain offensive, misleading, alarmist contents or are in violation of other people’s rights; Disseminate personal data and information that is liable to cause prejudice or damage to other people’s reputations; Contain indecent, pornographic, or pedopornographic contents or such as to offend the sensitivity of users; Contain discriminatory contents against gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious creed, political opinion, sexual preference, age, personal and social status; Promote and support illegal activities violating copyright laws or inappropriately using a registered trademark.

This institution, consistently with the Social Media Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, reserves the right to use the ban or block function (whenever possible after a first warning) against anyone repeatedly violating these conditions or those contained in the policies of the platforms used to prevent further actions, and to report the user to the webmaster and possibly also to law enforcement agencies.

This office interacts with users through its social media profiles, in particular through Facebook Messenger, but it does not guarantee timely feedback.

Social media accounts complement the usual public access channels to information and assistance services. The office can also be contacted as explained in the dedicated section of the website.