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New Working Holidays agreement between Italy and Hong Kong






On Friday 5 July 2019 the agreement was signed on the “Holiday-Work” program between Italy and Hong Kong. The agreement allows young Italians and those from Hong Kong aged between 18 and 30 to enter and remain in the territory of the other Party for a maximum period of 12 months. The primary purpose of the trip is to spend a holiday, with the possibility of also working and studying, in order to improve the knowledge of the language, appreciate the culture and general way of life of the other Party for the purpose of
promoting mutual understanding between Italy and the HKSAR

The agreement is in the process of being ratified and is therefore not yet in force. It will probably come into effect by the end of the year. This Consulate General will notify when it will come into force on its website.


Who can submit their application

  1. Italian citizens and Hong Kong residents who submit an individual application and are between the ages of 18 and 30 on the date the application is submitted;
  2. Citizens who intend to improve their knowledge of the language (s), culture and society of the other Party, through travelling to the jurisdiction of the other Party and and work to supplement their financial resources, with employment and study being incidental rather than the primary reasons for the visit;
  3. Italian citizens holding a valid Italian passport, or permanent residents of the HKSAR holding a valid HKSAR passport or other valid travel document;
  4. Applicants should be in possession of a ticket for the outward journey or must have sufficient financial resources to purchase a ticket and show that they have the financial resources necessary to meet their needs during the period of stay;
  5. Applicants that are not accompanied by dependents;
  6. Applicants that agree to stipulate, before the trip, an insurance policy which covers the entire period of stay and which includes health costs, hospitalization, repatriation and civil liability towards third parties;
  7. Applicants that have no criminal convictions;
  8. Applicants must be in compliance with the immigration legislation provided by the jurisdiction of the other Party,including the rules for entry.


Where to apply:

For Italian citizens: at the Embassy or General Consulates of the People’s Republic of China in Italy or at the Department of Immigration of the HKSAR.

For residents of the HKSAR: at the General Consulate of Italy in the HKSAR.


How the “Working Holiday” program works:

The duration of the stay cannot exceed twelve (12) months.

Residents of HKSAR will not be able to accept work in Italy for more than three months with the same employer and not more than six months in total. They will also be able to study or participate in training courses in Italy up to a maximum of six months during their stay.

Italian citizens will not be able to work in Hong Kong for more than three months with the same employer and not more than six months in total. They will also be able to study or participate in training courses in Italy up to a maximum of six months during their stay.

Knowledge of the language of the destination country is not mandatory for the purposes of the programme.

You can participate in the “Working Holiday” program only once.


Rights and duties of the candidate for the “Working Holiday” programme:

The Italian citizens and residents of the HKSAR eligible to benefit from the programme are subject to the laws and regulations in force in the jurisdiction in which they reside, in particular as regards the legislation on employment, remuneration, working conditions, insurance compensation, health and workplace safety.

Residents of HKSAR must, within eight (8) days of their arrival in Italy, apply for a residence permit based on a work holiday visa issued by the Consulate General of Italy in the HKSAR.

The residence permit for work holidays cannot be extended or converted into a different type of residence permit. It also does not give the right to obtain a family reunification visa.

HKSAR residents who work in Italy based on the “Vacanza Lavoro” programme will be subject to the Italian legislation on labor and social security. The employer must notify the employment to the competent Italian Authorities.