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Studiare in Italia


Studiare in Italia

How to enroll in an Italian University

In order to enroll in an Italian University, students must:

1. Present the pre-enrolment form to the Consulate General of Italy

          Form A (for University)

          Form A-bis (for Art Institutes)


2. Obtain a "Declaration of Value" from the Consulate General of Italy.

          Form to request a Declaration of Value

          Authorization Letter sample

          List of external translators


For more information about Italian Universities:

Many courses are offered in English. For all the courses in Italian, the knowledge of the Italian language is compulsory and will be tested before being admitted to the University.


The Marco Polo and Turandot Projects for Chinese students

The Marco Polo and Turandot projects are designed to facilitate the enrolment of Chinese students in Italian universities and Art Institutions with courses taught in Italian. Before starting the chosen university program, students must successfully attend an Italian language course in Italy for at least eight months. Both projects have limited places available each year.


For more information about Marco Polo and Turandot Programs, please check the website:


University Courses of Italian Languages for Foreigners