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The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong has contacted the Macau Immigration Authorities in order to obtain more details about the implementation of the Covid-19 control measures.

At present the adopted measures are the following:

  • Blue Card holders or Macau Permanent Residents are allowed to return to Macao from those areas which are considered at risk. However, they will have to undergo a self-isolation period at home, or, should this solution be considerate inappropriate by the local Authorities, in a designated hotel paid by the Government.


  • All travellers wishing to visit Macau, regardless of their nationality, who are not resident in Macau must show proof that they have not been in Italy or in any other Country affected by the epidemic (Mainland China, Iran and South Korea) during the last 14 days prior to their arrival in Macau by presenting an official certificate issued by the Immigration Office of their place of residence. Without such certificate the visitor will be denied entry at the border. A Passport alone without the mentioned certificate is not considered sufficient proof.


  • Non-resident visitors to Macau will also need to fill in a declaration form listing all the places visited during the last 14 days and, if allowed to enter, undergo a 6-8 hour medical examination and a possible mandatory quarantine in a hotel designated by the Government, at their own expense.


  • Before going to Macau, Italian nationals resident in Hong Kong may apply for a “statement of travel records” at the ImmigrationDepartment. Without this document entrance to Macau will be denied